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If you've got curly hair, you either love it or hate it, counting your blessings or wondering what you did to deserve such an unruly mop. However, contrary to what you may be thinking, there are many curly hair styles that will fit in with your lifestyle giving you more control and flexibility over how your hair looks.

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle there are many things to consider, such as whether your hair is naturally curly, wavy or dead straight. Whether it is thick, thin, fine or coarse. If your hair is naturally curly then it is pretty stupid to choose a style that works best with straight hair, since constant straightening will only serve to damage the hair, causing it to look dull and brittle.

Short curly hair styles which were once the rage in the 1980's are coming back into fashion and are well suited to the woman seeking to tame some of the wildness that curly hair can have by making it a length that she can control. It suits a woman with good bone structure and a great skin and is an  ideal style for a busy professional or an athletic outdoor type. Halle Berry springs to mind as a celebrity with an amazing pixie cut that looks incredible on her curly hair.  When styling, a small amount of styling product can be worked through the hair to lift and spike in places. It's the perfect get up and go style that can also look glamorous. If this is a little too drastic for you, then a bob cut is always worth considering. This style is extremely versatile and can be cut to virtually any length, resulting in a beautiful halo of curls that softly frame the face.

Long loose curly hair styles work well if the hair is in tip top condition and can make a woman look both glamorous and carefree. Products can be worked through the hair to control the curls, leaving them smooth and frizz free or the hair can be braided and then let loose for a natural, curly wave. A longer style can also be drawn up into a ponytail, or a bun at the nape of the neck, with some lovely curly tendrils falling around the face. Alternatively the top can be pulled back off the face, leaving the lower half to cascade in curls around the shoulders.

If you're struggling to control your mop of unruly curly hair then you may want to consider having some layers cut into it. This takes away a lot of the bulk and makes it easier to control your curls. Short or long curly hair styles work well if the hair is layered and lend themselves to various types of bob styles, which never go out of fashion.

With the plethora of styling products and techniques available in the hair industry today, curly hair styles are rapidly growing in popularity, since they can look feminine, romantic, stylish and cute. If you've got curly hair, then I say enjoy it!
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